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Image PriceRunner is a popular site where consumers can compare prices for many different products. The site was originally launched in 1999 and has grown dramatically since.

Until recently a proprietary technique was used for dispatching to the JSP pages on the site. In order to improve the dispatch handling and simplify maintenance a decision was made to implement Spring Framework for dispatching. Infoflex Connect was hired to act as a mentor during the migration in early 2007.

Case study (PDF)

Autover Direktglas

Image We have worked with Autover Direktglas and helped them implement tools for maintaining information on their public website, intranet and extranet. This work has also included a system for Single Sign-On and a webbased product catalog where their resellers can place orders.

Autover Direktglas AB with 60 employees and 8 offices around Sweden specializes in glazing, accessories, tools and sealant.

Autover Direktglas is part of Saint-Gobain, a multi-national industrial corporation, with an annual turnover of around 35 billion Euro.